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Business Rates Advice

Business Rates are chargeable on either the occupation or ownership of commercial property or for residential property that is used for a business.  

Underwood Wright have qualified surveyors familiar with procedures involved in determining Rateable Value which is related to market analysis, statutory assumptions, case law and precedent.  We can assist clients in reducing business rate liability.  This may be based upon mistake or inaccuracy on the preparation of the valuation at the outset or changes in circumstances since the valuation date.  

The current rating list produced by the Inland Revenue was issued in 2010.  The revision due in 2015 has been postponed to 2017.  The current assessments can still be appealed. 

With our local market knowledge and experience of dealing with Rating Appeals we can provide an efficient and informed appraisal to give clients guidance on whether an appeal is warranted and which could lead to a reduction in overheads.  

Clients should be aware of companies cold calling offering a similar service with sometimes non-local, unqualified personnel.